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FYEG Spring Conference

The Spring Conference will take place in parallel to FYEG’s General Assembly to allow delegates from youth organizations to learn about current discussions and challenges for Europe’s progressive forces at the local, national and European levels. We propose that the schedule of the Spring Conference can be adapted to ensure an optimal participation for FYEG member organizations.

CONCEPTEvery year in May FYEG organizes a thematic Spring Conference alongside its General Assembly to allow delegates and board members of our 37 full, observer and candidate Member organisations to learn, debate and exchange views on the current challenges Europe is facing. This year we would like to focus on the emergence of new political forces, often resulting from a convergence of struggles, within the progressive camp, strong enough to defeat the conservative neoliberal narratives and the rise of the far right. Based on the examples in Southern Europe, where the fight against austerity has led new coalitions to exist in the political game, we will analyse, exchange and build strategies for Greens to be at the forefront of these progressive fronts in each of our societies.