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Release the detained youth activists in Azerbaijan PDF Print E-mail
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This is a call from our Member Organisation, the Georgian Young Greens:


Georgian Young Greens are utterly appalled by the unjust detentions of 8 NIDA activists in Azerbaijan, which is another widely ignored evidence for the lack of democratic values in t

he country, including freedom of speech and assembly. 8 young people are facing false charges of illegal firearms possession and plotting mass disorder, however, the worst that they have done is to address human rights violations in Azerbaijan.

The final trials are to take place in next days and if plead guilty the NIDA activists will be facing from 6 to 12 years criminal punishment. Georgian Young Greens believe that international solidarity and pressure is the only possible way the activists to be released, since they are personal hostages of Aliyev regime, while court is corrupt.

We call for urgent action!

Immediate boarding for a green and social Europe PDF Print E-mail
Member Organizations News

Last week, les Jeunes Écologistes launched their campaign for european elections. Convinced that Greens will put Europe back on track, they entirely support Europe Écologie candidates and call youth to mobilize massively from the 22nd to the 25th of May.

Mass unemployment, climate change, austerity, industrial agriculture, lobbies influence… Europe has derailed. Some political forces have chosen to simply gaze at the disaster pointing at scapegoats, whereas others just claim Europe should go backwards. Instead of this, Greens want a real change of direction.

Europe cannot keep on existing without democratizing, reinforcing its Parliament and requiring more transparency from lobbies. Greens’ strength lies on their willing to give more power to people in Europe, so that it can drive the conversion to green economy, the reinforcement of social rights, the creation of green and local jobs, the struggle against climate change.

During these 6 weeks of campaign with Europe Écologie, les Jeunes Écologistes will promote this project in their own way, with fun actions, online visuals and their usual happy activism: the campaign Let’s put Europe back on track will be optimistic!

Seven Days of Noise for Love PDF Print E-mail
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The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) with its member organisations are launching "Seven Days of Noise for Love" action week 14th - 20th April, 2014. This action week`s purpose is to raise awareness on Gender and LGBTQ+ related issues, and combat gender stereotypes, homophobia and transphobia.

Krassina Demireva, Co-spokesperson of the Federation of Young European Greens, says "We invite young people from all over Europe to go out on the streets, and unite in their fight against patriarchism. We want to highlight the need of women's empowerment, and to end the discrimination based on sex, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. In the context of the upcoming European Parliament elections, we want to emphasize that the European legislation should provide relevant legal measures to ensure effective equality."

Michael Bloss, Co-Spokesperson of the Federation of Young European Greens adds "We stand for a Europe of inclusion, solidarity and emancipation. Equal pay, the right to abortion and reproductive rights for everybody.The Europe we want does allow everybody to freely choose their sexual or gender identiy. The rights of the LGBTQ+ communities must not be infringend. We raise our voice, and do not shut our eyes on human rights violations."

The "Seven Days of Noise for Love" action week is part of the FYEG European Parliament elections' campaign. For more information read our FYEG campaign webpage www.reclaimeurope2014.eu

Get the Youth out of Crisis! PDF Print E-mail
Other news

YiC Cover

The Federation of Young European Greens together with the Greens-EFA Group in the European Parliament conducted today a conference in Brussels with 200 young people from all over Europe. The young people came together to discuss European policy and ways to get the youth out of the crisis. In workshop they came up with demands that were later discussed with representatives of the Parliament and the commission.

Michael Bloss, Co-Spokesperson of the Federation of Young European Greens explains: "Youth unemployment skyrocketing all over Europe and young people often do not see a perspective in their life to achieve their ambitions. We want to end this. We believe that young people know what they want and need to have a say about their future. 250 young people from all over Europe have gathered in Brussels to discuss about their demands. We take their powerful messages and will use them to address policy makers. The participants showed that youth emancipation works "

A Green Perspective on the Youth Guarantee PDF Print E-mail
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YEP front

This week, following an invitation of the EU Commission, member states and other interested stakeholders come together for a conference on the Youth Guarantee. The conference focusses on the implementation of this policy instrument, that had first been proposed by the Green Group in the European Parliament in 2010.

Nowadays, the Youth Guarantee has become a mainstream instrument, which both the EU Commission and the Governments in Europe pursue and in which they all put hopes. So the conference offers a good occasion to assess where we stand with this instrument.

The Youth Guarantee consists of the promise that all young people under 25 – whether registered with employment services or not – get a good-quality, concrete offer within 4 months after leaving formal education or becoming unemployed.

The Youth Guarantee can be a powerful tool to fight youth unemployment, but it can also be used to make young people disappear from unemployment statistics - real change or just a change of the looks. There can be a temptation to implement the Youth Guarantee only half way. It would thus serve as a mere "storage" strategy for young people, not a real solution. And, indeed, according to the current guidelines for the implementation of the youth guarantee, the programme stays a mere government employment project, but does not empower the youth to achieve their dreams.

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