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Young Greens of Turkey, call all international organizations and activist to react to police violence against environment activists, non-violently protesting in Gezi Park, Taksim, Istanbul. The protest started when ancient trees started to be cut in the park on the night of May 27th. Police have been using extreme forces increasingly, risking the lives of activists, damaging their properties. The violence continues, many people get injured everyday. Due to government putting a lot of pressure on the media, the mainstream media do not cover the protests.

This morning at 06:00 am, police attacked again the protesters: many activists, journalists got injured. At that moment, there were 6 Members of the Parliament of Turkey in the park. According to the most recent news: more than 100 people got injured, 6 of them seriously.

We request Turkish Government:

- To stop police violence and brutality against protestors in Gezi Parkı.
- To stop destructive 'mall' project, cutting the ancient trees.
- To start an independent investigation on police violence and brutality.

Press release of Amnesty International about the violence on May 30th: http://bit.ly/16t7qBK
News on Green Newspaper: http://bit.ly/18Dqjj0


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