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Call for Advisory Committee Members

During FYEG’s 2017 GA in Madrid 2 members (one male and one female) of the Advisory Committee (AC) will be elected to serve for 2 years and fulfil the following tasks and duties:

  • Provide their shared experience on a specific subject upon request by EC members or other bodies of FYEG,

  • Assisting in conflict resolution between EC members, members of other bodies and/or personnel upon request by EC members or other bodies of FYEG,

These positions are voluntary.


The AC has the duty to:

  • Present a brief overview of the functioning of the EC and personnel at the General Assembly.

  • Assist in conflict resolution between EC members and/or personnel, but only when an EC-member, and personnel requests for counselling.


Members of Advisory Committee (AC) have:

  • full one-way access to the email-list of the Executive Committee throughout the year, i.e. are allowed to follow conversations but not to react on them,

  • further access to communication within the EC and personnel upon request of the EC and/or personnel, e.g. attending an ECM or phone conferences,

  • are obligated to treat all communication between EC members and personnel confidentially,



  • Candidates for the Advisory Committee can apply until the last day of General Assembly.

  • Outgoing EC members may advance their candidacy for the Advisory Committee before the GA or while the GA is still in assembly.

  • The newly elected EC will then, towards the end of the GA, select two from the pool candidates, and present the candidates to the GA.

  • The GA will then either approve or reject the 2 candidates, based on simple majority voting. There is  only one vote, meaning that the candidates are approved or rejected together.

  • If the candidates are rejected, the new EC must immediately select 2 new candidates and present them to the GA.

Questions related to the positions can be addressed to the FYEG office (office@fyeg.org), or current members of this committee: Marc Gimenez (marcgimenez83@hotmail.com), Maggie Dokupilova (maggie@fyeg.org), Kristian Normand (kristian@fyeg.org), Evangelos Astyrakakis (evangelos@fyeg.org), Laura Carlier (laura@fyeg.org). Deadline for applications: last day of General Assembly.