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FYEG's nominee for the European Youth Forum elections

The Federation of Young European Greens will travel to Varna this November, where the General Assembly of the European Youth Forum is taking place. This particular General Assembly has quite a significance for us due two main reasons:  the membership of this platform will decide upon a new working plan for the upcoming three years and elect a new board for the term of 2017 - 2018. We are proud to announce that we have our very own nominee - Sebastiaan Rood for the position of Board Member for these elections. 

Sebastiaan has been an associate city councilor for the Dutch Greens in 2010 – 2012 and a member of the Dutch Young Greens since 2010. His first European conference was the Green European Summer University in 2011. Ever since his passion for Europe was inflamed there, he has been fighting for youth empowerment, either within the Greens and in his activities for other organisations. 

FYEG greatly admires his excellent knowledge of European and international affairs, his elaborate contribution to numerous youth organisations and the passion he has in striving for the rights of young people. As FYEG we stand behind Sebastiaan as our candidate for the Youth Forum’s Board and we hope that with the support of the membership, Sebastiaan can continue to do great things.