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Help the Troika! Save the Eurogroup!

Sitting in sterile offices without daylight in Brussels, Frankfurt and Washington DC, the Troika has missed the news - the so called "end of history” - that human history ends with a neoliberal economic order - was a false alarm. There are alternatives to the dominant ways of organising our societies and economies. We are actually witnessing that happening in different parts of Europe right now.

The Troika (European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund) and the Eurogroup (Ministers of Finance of the eurozone) refuse to see this. Apparently it requires a taste of ‘dolce vita’ such as people in Europe are experiencing to see the world around you. Let's save them from themselves and loosen their belt.

Greece was put on its knees through the so called “memoranda of understanding” between the Troika and former social democrats and conservative PASOK and Nea Dimokratia governments of Greece. We need to restore democracy in Europe! The fact that there is no democratic control over the Troika does little to bestow any legitimacy on the austerity measures it is still insisting on imposing, despite widespread evidence that this is precisely the problem at hand. We must liberate these institutions from the market fundamentalists that have occupied them and are now wreaking havoc in Europe. Our Europe.

We, as well as many others around the world, are willing to help the Troika and the Eurogroup to widen their views, learn some critical thinking, and understand the consequences of their actions. There are alternatives to the disinformation and elite self interests that these institutions most obviously base their decisions on. A Greek default is not inevitable, the keys are in the hands of the Troika and the Eurogroup now. We're not in high school here.

Right now it's not time for fucking around, but instead for fixing this mess. Wake up, dreamers!

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