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Spain Needs Change Instead of More Conservative Rule

After almost one year of caretaker goverment, a majority of Social Democrat deputies abstained on Mariano Rajoy’s investment as Prime Minister of Spain. This is bad news for young people in Spain and in the rest of Europe.

Instead of forming a progressive goverment with Unidos Podemos (a Left-wing coalition that the Green parties Equo and Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds are part of) as well as regionalist parties, the Federal Committee of PSOE (the Social Democrats) decided to give the opportunity to PP (the Conservatives) to govern Spain again. This ended the hope of having an alternative government against austerity policies and Troika guidelines.

PP’s corruption, social cuts, the labour market reform, restrictions on political rights and the goverment’s predisposition to obey the neoliberal dictates of international creditors did not keep PSOE from voting against Rajoy. Unfortunately, it seems that they haveweighty reasons to keep protecting Spain’s establishement and its privilegies than pushing for social justice and structural reforms to improve citizens well-being.
Although Conservatives and Social Democrats have already reached several agreements at European level and they govern together in several EU member states, this is the first time that PSOE decides to support a government. The Liberal anti-corruption party Ciudadanos is also supporting the notoriously corrupt PP. This situation gives Unidos Podemos the role of being the opposition to the new goverment.

The situation is particularly dire for youth, as the policies of PP go against the interest of young generations. The indignation in Spain is considerable and FYEG deplores the fact that much-needed change is postponed.

The new goverment is not representative of Spanish society and FYEG will keep building an alternative movement at the European level where social justice, the struggle against climate change and the end of establishment privileges must be the main pillars.


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