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Whoops, Frontex did it again!

Europe’s inhumane anti-refugee narrative has reached a new low. Earlier this week, the head of the EU's border agency Frontex shamelessly accused NGOs who save lives of refugees in the Mediterranean of supporting the business of human traffickers. FYEG strongly condemns the false and incredibly ignorant statements of Fabrice Leggeri.
What nurtures the extremely profitable business of human trafficking is not NGOs that save lives on the sea, but the outrageous EU border regime, that leaves refugees with no options to enter Europe legally - something they are entitled to under international law. This border regime leads to record numbers of deaths year after year in the Mediterranean Sea and without the tireless work of NGOs the death toll would be even higher. We therefore strongly support their work and are deeply grateful they stepped in when Europe abolished its own search and rescue missions under Operation Mare Nostrum in 2014.
They EU created perfect conditions for the traffickers life-threatening businesses to flourish, with the same simple logic it now uses against NGOs: the more horrible the journey of refugees, the less people will dare to come. We call on the EU to immediately replace this cynical, dysfunctional approach to “migration management” with a human rights centred culture of welcome and compliance with international law. This — and nothing else — will destroy the business of traffickers.