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World Water Day 2013: Sign the ECI "Water is a human right!"

altThe World Water Day on March 22nd was introduced by the United  Nations 20 years ago in order to raise awareness of the importance of  freshwater and to promote the sustainable management of freshwater  resources.    
The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) and its member  organisations celebrate World Water Day 2013 by asking for the support  of the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) "Water is a human right". The initiative advocates for  public management of our water supply and opposes the application of the  European "internal market rules" to water services.    
FYEG is very pleased to see that there are more than 1 Million signatures already. However, the criteria to gather a minimum number of signatures  from seven different member states has not yet been achieved and the  signature collection continues to reach 2 Million.    
Terry Reintke, co-spokesperson of FYEG, affirms:    
"We urge all citizens of the European Union to sign the Citizens  Initiative "Water is a human right!" on www.right2water.eu. A European  wide debate on the issue of water supply is necessary. Affordable  freshwater access is a basic need for everyone. Guaranteeing the water  supply should stay a public service. Up to now the discussion has  concentrated on the German speaking media. Therefore we especially  welcome media outlets in other countries to report on the initiative and  inform the public about it.     
Jakob Schwarz, co-spokesperson of FYEG, adds: 
"FYEG strongly opposes the Troika policy which forces countries  with financial problems, like Greece and Portugal, to privatise their  water supply. Private companies are not interested in offering cheap  prices, investing in infrastructure or ecological issues,but rather in  their own profit. Rising prices especially affect the people suffering  the economic crisis in southern European countries, such as Portugal  where water fees have more than tripled in some areas."