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Young European Greens: Vote Remain, for Our Common Future!

Today, citizens of the United Kingdom vote on remaining in or leaving the European Union.

The premise of the vote itself is skewed. A split in the Conservative Party has been transposed to a referendum that will define the lives of generations to come. A rigid, two-party system is manifesting its inability to deal with internal party matters in a way that does not put an entire country's future at stake. The field has been cleared for right-wing populism to hijack the political agenda and show its hostility towards living together and towards taking care of our common future.

This vote should serve as a wake up call for leaders across Europe. This is what happens when successive governments blame their shortcomings on something else than their own policy failures. The EU is not responsible for the state of health care, housing, public transport and education in the UK. But the Leave campaign has shamelessly repeated this deceptive mantra, and the result is a campaign ridden by cheap clichés, blatant lies, and racism. The murder of Jo Cox cannot and should not be separated from the context of nationalist hysteria created by parts of the political class and the media.

We, young people, want to stay together. We know that there are powerful politicians and corporations that dictate the conditions of our economic and social policies. We know better than believing the demagogues when they try to blame migrants and Brussels for the shortcomings of our societies. We believe that unity and solidarity is our strength. It is the only way for us to build the UK, the Europe, and the world we want to leave to future generations.

Today, we stand with our progressive friends in the UK. We want to continue our struggle for a fair, just, democratic and sustainable Europe with you. Whatever the result, we will continue this struggle on your side. But it will be considerably more difficult shall the demagogues and racists win today.

The UK deserves better.

Europe deserves better.

Those who come after us deserve better.

Vote remain!