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Alumni Network

Hello, former Young Green revolutionary!

Do you sometimes long for the good old times with the most kick-ass political youth organization in this galaxy? Do you miss those times of writing amendments, late night calls with crappy Internet or phone connection, queuing for sending letters or faxes when emails didn’t exist, or freezing your butt off while reclaiming the streets with your Young Green fellows? Then be sad no more - join the Alumni Network!

What is the Alumni Network?

The Alumni Network is an online network of former FYEGers from all across Europe open to all generations of activists who have been active with FYEG between 1988 until today. With the Alumni Network, we want to:

  • Ensure sustainable transfer of knowledge between different generations of FYEG activists in terms of political experience, as well as organisational and professional development.

  • Establish a pool of FYEG-close experts to reach out to as speakers for events, members of internal structures requiring experience (i.e. members of Presidency for the GA, members of Advisory Committee), or FYEG nominees for external structures (i.e. positions within European Youth Forum, the EGP or other).

  • Provide a platform (online and offline, transnational and local) for FYEG activists and former FYEG activists to meet, learn, get inspired, keep up-to-date with FYEG and have fun.

  • Contribute to the long-term financial stability of FYEG through donations, small or big, from former FYEG activists who are interested to give back to the network.

Is this for me?

Great question, because who are actually FYEG alumni? In the words of one of our former Co-Spokespersons they are people who “have been Young Green for very long.”

In general, you can consider yourself an FYEG alumni if you are:

  • A former Co-Spokesperson or Executive Committee member

  • A former Office member

  • A former member of an FYEG Working Group or another structure

  • A former International Secretary of an FYEG Member Organization

  • A former active participant to an FYEG event (General Assembly, seminar, actions…)

But do not worry if you do not fit in any of the above categories. Simply explain to us why you would like to join the network in the form below. The applications will be assessed by FYEG Alumni coordinators.

What will the network offer?

We want the Alumni Network to be a lively community space enabling for a dynamic exchange between current and former FYEGers. The level of engagement should be open to every alumni. Overall, alumni get to, among other things, take part of the following:

  • invitations to be speakers or trainers at FYEG events, activities and online webinars

  • Meet and greets with FYEG activists and other alumnis at FYEG statutory meetings

  • Invitations to become members of the presidency at the GA or members of the Advisory Committee

  • Invitation to become a mentor for an FYEGer

  • Interviews in the Ecosprinter about their current work

  • Invitations to give expert advice or input on specific matters upon the request of the current EC

  • Invitations to represent FYEG’s interests in external structures, notably the working groups and other positions in the European Youth Forum or other structures the EGP is involved in, such as the EMI

  • Enhancing the impact of their work by being in touch with other alumni and FYEG, e. g. by forwarding invitations for events or petitions, actions etc.

  • Alumni Newsletter with relevant calls and event invitations at least twice per year (beyond that they can sign up for and follow the normal FYEG newsletter)

Will we ask something in return?

We will - but it will be fun, we promise! Sometimes we will ask you to help us raise awareness on a certain issue. Other times we will ask you to spread our message. Other times, we will reach out to you when searching for speakers for our webinars or events. Another time we might ask for simple advice, a tip or some small coins to make FYEG running in the long-term (find the link to the donation button HERE already).

Can’t wait to join? Then please fill in THIS form right now!

Questions? Please contact Wanja from the EC (wanja@fyeg.org) or Nils from the alumni group (nils@fyeg.org).

Note: The EC has the right to reject applications by individuals whose actions or values have entered in contradiction with FYEG values and political platform.