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EGP Council

8-10 November, FYEG sent a Young Green delegation to the 30th Council Meeting of the European Green Party that took place in Tampere, Finland. Some highlights from the Council Meeting include:

  • Young Greens from all over Europe showing up at the decision-making tables, running panels, taking power in government and in the parliament and ensuring the youth voice is heard!
  • Showing the importance of the youth vote and climate strikers in making the 2019 elections #ClimateElections
  • Congratulations to FYEG Executive Committee Member, Eleanor Morrissey for being elected as a substitute member of the Global Greens Coordination.
  • Congratulations to the new European Green Party Committee members
  • Several important resolutions have been adopted at the Council, including the resolution tabled by European Greens and FYEG for a campaign on Climate Emergency and climate neutrality got unanimously adopted.

Read more about the rest of the adopted resolutions HERE