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Call for delegates: Young Green Forum (CLOSED)

This year's Young Green Forum of the Federation of Young European Greens will be held online on 13 and 14 March 2021.

About the Forum

The Young Green Forum (also known as the Member Organisations Forum or MO Forum) is planned as a meeting of the representatives from the political and organisational work areas of Member Organisations and will function as a prelude to our General Assembly.

It is an opportunity for FYEG Member Organisations to e-meet each other and work towards increasing the political outreach and the organisational capacity of our network and share information with and among Young Green Organisations across Europe.

The Forum will give us the space to deepen our talks regarding FYEG as an organisation and its structures, it will also provide space to receive input from Member Organisations regarding the political, strategic and educational direction that FYEG should follow in the upcoming year.


You can find the programme HERE.

Please note that this is a draft programme and is subject to change.

Since this year’s Young Green Forum is taking place online, participants and observers from MemberOrganisations are taking part remotely. The programme will be facilitated online using Zoom.The Young Green Forum discusses sensitive and strategic information for the young Greenmovement. It is therefore important that you do not share the link to the online event with othersthat are not delegates for the event.If you know someone having technical difficulties joining the Forum, please contactoffice@fyeg.organd we will try to solve the issue.This is a draft programme and is subject to change. The final programme and the Zoom link will beshared with participants before the Forum takes place.Please note that all the times listed in the programme are in Central European Time (CET) orBrussels time

How to register

FYEG's Executive Committee invites each Observer, Candidate and full Member Organisation to nominate a delegation from their Board or Secretariat (for example international officers, spokespeople, secretary generals or office coordinators).

We would like to take the advantage of the online medium and provide the possibility for organisations to register up to three delegates to attend the Forum. Please make sure that at least two of the three delegates identify as woman (cis or trans), and/or other people who identify as trans and/or genderqueer.

For any questions, please contact office@fyeg.org.

Delegates need to register by 1 March Monday at midnight CET by filling out this form.