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Call for Host Organisation of FYEG Activities 2022

Dear FYEG Member Organisations,

FYEG Executive Committee would hereby like to announce the opening of a call for host organisations for two educational activities planned to take place in April and July 2022 as part of our annual Work Plan “The Politics of Mental Health”.

All Member Organisations are encouraged to apply! Member Organisations who applied to host the GA can also apply for this call.

We are looking for organisations who want to organise:

  • A seminar on mental health in April 2022 (40 participants; 5 working days) or

  • FYEG Summer Camp on mental health in July 2022 (50 participants; 6 working days).

Preparatory meetings will take place around 2 months before the event, at the venue of each event respectively. 


If your organisation is interested in hosting one of these events, please fill in THIS FORM and send a statement of willingness to host one or more events to project.manager@fyeg.org by 23 December 2021 (Midnight CET).


Responsibilities and rights of the host organisation:

  • to nominate 3 persons from their organisation - one Technical coordinator and one Assistant (to form the Local Prep Team) and one Program Coordinator (Prep Team member) - who will be in constant communications with FYEG and responsible for specific area of work related to preparation, implementation and follow-up of the event, and that are able to fully attend the activity;
  • to help find the co-funding of the event (where necessary and with assistance from FYEG Office);
  • to arrange the accommodation (fully accessible), event venue (fully accessible and with adequate space for parallel sessions, quiet room, dining area etc.), meals (vegetarian and vegan) and refreshments for the prep team meetings and for the event itself;
  • to provide invitation letters for participants who need visa;
  • to prepare an infopack outlining the event logistics, venue, local travel, directions, etc together with FYEG office;
  • to arrange other technical needs related to the event.


Benefits to the local host organisation:

  • to gain skills in event management and organising;
  • to promote this activity at local/national level (where the organisation is situated) as its international activities in cooperation with FYEG;
  • to make use of presence of the international Young Greens to organise side activities during the event that will support the interest of their organisation;
  • to organise a media event and use the international presence of Young Greens;
  • to build capacities of its own members in organising events, fundraising, educational work and international cooperation.

Hosting and co-organising an FYEG event is time and resource consuming and your organisation should be ready to dedicate the needed efforts in the months prior to the activity. Your efforts will be largely rewarded allowing your organisation to grow and the people involved to acquire solid skills, as well take advantage of a great team-building experience. 

The decision regarding the selected location will be communicated by the 10th January 2022. FYEG strives for regional balance in the organisation of its events, and that will be an important criteria during the selection - together with the quality of the application.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact project.manager@fyeg.org.

Green regards,

FYEG Executive Committee