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Call for host organisation: FYEG's General Assembly 2022

Dear FYEG Member Organisations,

FYEG's Executive Committee is announcing a call for a host organisation for FYEG’s 2022 General Assembly (GA) scheduled for the second half of May 2022 or first half of June 2022. The Executive Committee is planning to have a 3-Day General Assembly.

Given that the previous two GAs have taken place online, we are extremely excited to work closely with the host MO to welcome FYEG members in 2022! Therefore, if you believe your MO has the capacity to host, we warmly encourage you to apply.

Please note we will continue to follow COVID-19 developments and restrictions to ensure the GA is a safe and inclusive event for all delegates and participants to attend.

FYEG strives for regional balance in the organisation of its events, including the GA. We will take into account the locations of previous in-person GAs: 2019 Istanbul, Turkey; 2018 Utrecht, the Netherlands; 2017 Madrid, Spain.

As the GA is FYEG’s most important event of the year, and a long awaited one to take place in person, it will be an amazing time and the chance to put forward creative proposals to welcome young greens from across Europe. It is a time-consuming effort of great responsibility, but also a rewarding effort full of team-building opportunities with the full support of FYEG’s Executive Committee and Office.

If your organisation is interested in hosting the next GA, we kindly ask you to submit a short application to help us decide on the best possible location. This application should contain:

  • An overview of the affordable accommodation options: for example youth hostels, students dorms, cheap hotels. This should include: costs per night per person, breakfast and other meal options for around 100 people that includes vegan/vegetarian options; other facilities that the places offer; whether the hostels are close to the meeting venue options; accessibility and any other relevant aspects. Please be sure that this hostel is ready to host international groups;
  • An overview of the transportation options to the host city: is it easily accessible by road, railway or airway? What are the average costs of travel from various regions of Europe? What are the visa requirements to travel and what are the capacities of the MO to assist in this process?
  • The availability of a meeting venue suitable for around 100 participants. Can your organisation provide such a space; or if it has to be booked, what are the costs?
  • Co-funding possibilities (which can be the organisation’s own resources or the result of fundraising efforts - note that FYEG will cover the majority of the expenses of organising the GA)
  • Ideas for political actions before, during or after the GA (not obligatory, but encouraged); A short statement on behalf of your organisation, expressing the interest to be the host of the General Assembly 2022 and the commitment to take part in the entire planning and organisational process. This gathering will last for approximately 3 days and will consist of the statutory meeting (the GA itself) and the Spring Conference.

Please keep in mind that this is a long-term commitment as the preparations might require your local team’s attention 2-3 months prior to the event, therefore we ask that you confirm you have enough people who can remain committed for this period of time.

If you are interested in hosting FYEG’s GA 2022 please send an application containing the following information based on the above:

  • The resources of your organisation (human and other) that you are ready to invest in this event.
  • Options for travel, accommodation, meeting venue and meals.
  • Co-funding possibilities.
  • Ideas for political actions.
  • A statement of willingness to host the GA 2022.

Please send all documents by the 1st November 2021 23:59 CET by e-mail to office@fyeg.org and eleanor@fyeg.org

The decision regarding the selected location will be communicated by the end of November. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above listed e-mails.