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Call for Host Organisations: FYEG Activities 2023

Dear FYEG Member Organisations,

FYEG Executive Committee is announcing a call for host organisations for two educational activities planned to take place in April and July 2023 as part of our annual Work Plan 2023 “We need the Green YOU(th)!”.

We are looking for organisations who want to host:

  • A1 in April 2023 (80 participants; 3-day event) or
  • A2 in July 2023 (50 participants; 5-day event).


All Member Organisations are encouraged to apply! Member Organisations who apply to host the GA can also apply for this call.

If your organisation is interested in hosting one of these events, please fill in THIS FORMby 1st October 2022 23:59 CET.

The host organisation should nominate 2 persons from their organisation to be the Local Prep Team for the event and its preparation.

The Local Prep-team will have the following responsibilities and rights.

During the preparation of the event they will be responsible for:

  • Research service providers and provide info to the FYEG office to facilitate the logistic planning of the main event;
  • Support the preparation and logistics of the Prep-team meeting 2 month before the event;
  • Prepare a 20 page info-sheet for participants, outlining the event logistics, info regarding the venue, local travel, directions, etc. in collaboration with FYEG office;
  • Support the FYEG office with translation between your language and English if necessary;
  • Communicating the call for participants to the event to other members of their organisation and encouraging people to apply.

This should require around 5 to 10 hours of work per month per member of the Local Prep Team in the 4 months before the event.


During the event they will be responsible for:

  • Attending the full event;
  • Occasionally support the FYEG office with logistics needs (for example, running errands, setting up the venue, support with translation for service providers, etc.);
  • Provide ad-hoc support in case of crisis (for example finding a doctor in case of medical emergency, calling the embassy if a participants loses their passport, etc.);


In addition, the Local Prep-team will have the following opportunities:

  • The chance to attend the full event and participate in most of the program;
  • FYEG will cover their accommodation, food and travel expenses for the event, together with other participants;
  • Upon request, each Local Prep-team member will get a 150 EUR compensation for their support (this will only be paid if the person attends the full event).


Benefits to the local host organisation:Hosting FYEG educational activities requires the investment of human resources and your organisation should be ready to dedicate the needed efforts and fulfil the responsibilities in the months prior to the activity. However, it’s an incredible opportunity to gain organisational skills in event management, and build capacities of its own members in organising events, educational work and international cooperation. 

Additionally, the host organisation will have the chance to promote its work at the international level, as well as to organise side activities and utilise the international Young Green presence to raise its reach. We propose 2 ways for the local host to do this:

  • By supporting the organisation of a political panel. FYEG will organise an evening debate related to the activities topic with a member of the European Parliament, a member of the European Green Party’s board or a representative of the host organisation’s parent party. The Local Prep-team can give input and support the organisation of this session, invite external participants and create communication to promote this session to their advantage. This is optional;
  • By organising an evening session for participants to introduce the local context of the host organisation, for example by doing a guided tour of the area, preparing a discussion on the local host organisation’s challenges or successes, etc. This is optional.


Application process:If your organisation is interested in hosting one of the educational activities in 2023, we kindly ask you to submit an application through this form to help us decide the best available location. This application should contain the following:

  • The contact details of the main contact persons for the application;

  • The completed logistics questionnaire (see template) with options for hosting the event in one or several location, including an overview of 3 affordable options for accommodation, meeting venue and catering;

  • An overview of the people your organisation is appointing to the Local Prep-Team (including names and contact details)

  • An overview of the motivations of your Member Organisation to host the activity, including ideas for political and/or topical collaboration during the event. 

  • A short statement on behalf of your Member Organisation expressing the interest in organising and hosting the activity (specifying which one) and the commitment to take part in the entire planning and organisational process. 

The decision regarding the selected location will be communicated by the end of October 2023. FYEG strives for regional balance in the organisation of its events, and that will be an important criteria during the selection - together with the quality of the application.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact cristiana.cerrigambarelli@fyeg.org.

Green regards,

FYEG Executive Committee