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Call for international exchanges

The Federation of Young European Greens is announcing an open call for international exchanges that will take place in March, April and May 2019 in the scope of FYEG’s common  European elections campaign. All Member Organisations, working Groups, regional or local groups from EU and non-EU countries, are invited to apply.

We encourage you to organize an event, journey, action or whatever you can think of together with a Green MO group from another country. We expect the exchange to have a clear political dimension and a strong campaigning message in line with the three stories of the FYEG Campaign: Social Europe, Welcoming and inclusive Europe, Sustainable Europe.

The aims of the international exchanges is to:

  • show that not only our campaign, but our movement is truly transnational and that we European Young Greens fight united for our ideas
  • show through actions, events or artivism what are our common ideas for Europe
  • connect green local groups and MOs, build a foundation for long lasting group partnerships

Responsibilities of an international event organizing group:

The main responsibility of the group is to prepare an international exchange contributing to one of FYEG’s campaign stories. The suitability of the exchange proposal to fulfill the requirements outlined below will be taken into consideration when deciding on which exchanges to support. Although FYEG welcomes all exchanges and encourages all MOs to put it them into practice, FYEG will only be able to support a limited number of exchanges due to constraints in Budget and Campaign Team Capacities.

We expect in particular: 

  • Autonomous preparation and implementation of the international exchange
  • Clear political message and an added value to the FYEG campaign and it’s three campaign stories
  • Active promotion of the exchange and ensuring visibility in social media as well as local traditional media
  • Selection of and communication with participants prior to the exchange
  • Taking care of all relevant practicalities and of the general well-being of the participants
  • Full responsibility for the reporting of the international exchange, including full and comprehensive financial report
  • Active communication with the FYEG contact person and the exchange partner group contact
  • Coordination of follow-up activities (optional)

Examples of successful exchanges and types of activities we are looking for:

  • A hitchhiking competition in international team during which you talk to the people you meet about European elections and Young Green ideas for Europe
  • A “Hate Borders, Love Bikes” biking tour, crossing a border and promoting sustainable travel as well as open borders in an welcoming Europe while reporting on social media about it. 
  • Organize an Artivist action in front of an arms factory together with people from arm producing/buying countries and make clear that an an welcoming Europe is one without weaponry and Fortress Europe. Film the action and make a campaign video out of it that will go viral.

How will FYEG support you in your exchange:

  • sharpening the political message of your exchange and its relation to FYEG campaign stories
  • limited financial contribution
  • contact to exchange partner
  • contact to Young Green Candidates
  • increase the visibility on social media

Nils from the FYEG campaign team will be the contact person for your exchange. If you have questions or want help to find an exchange partner before applying, you can drop him a mail at nils@fyeg.org.

  • Organizing an international exchange would offer you
  • Working in a lively international environment with young activists and professionals
  • Improving your organisational and communication skills
  • Getting familiar with Green values and FYEG’s work
  • Becoming part of FYEG’s 2019 European elections campaign

An unforgettable experience!

If you are a team player interested in trying out your organizing skills, if you are willing to engage in an adventure of imagining the new ways of doing politics - this project is for you!

DEADLINE for submitting online applications: 22 February at Midnight CET.