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Call for Members: Working Group on Mental Health


Join the Mental Health Working Group and become a member of a small group of people who will get directly engaged with the FYEG’s reach out and lobbying efforts in the context of our project “Mental Health is Political!”, with the main focus being a European mental health campaign.  

The context we are in:

Young people are under increased stress as a consequence of poor access to health, decent work, housing, education and a healthy environment. While a lot of work is still needed to raise awareness about youth mental health issues broadly, the role of Young Greens remains to keep on calling out and linking the individual and the systemic level which intersect to affect youth wellbeing and stability.

At the same time, young activists and oppressed people suffer from mental health issues, including because the freedom of association and expression is increasingly threatened, which causes stress and insecurity. Humanitarian workers rescuing refugees in the Mediterranean are brought to court, while there were attempts to evict NGOs in Slovenia

FYEG recognises that Europe lacks official recognition and solutions for improving mental health. European-wide campaigning and lobbying are needed in this context and, as FYEG runs a year-long project on this topic, the Mental Health Working group will support the efforts to amplify both our political goals and radical narrative.


Why join?

Working groups are a great opportunity to help steer FYEG’s political direction, learn more about the organisation itself, and connect with Young Greens across Europe. You will develop not only your knowledge on mental health, but also organisational and practical skills.

Aims of the Mental Health Working Group:

  • Create a space for debate on issues relating to the current situation and the future development of mental health of young people on the European level;
  • Work on the finalisation of the “Seminar Mental Health is Political” outputs, in particular the publishing of a podcast episode and the development of a policy proposal on the topic;
  • Do the foundational work for the development of FYEG’s Mental Health campaign at the European level, as well as contribute to its implementation with the direct support of FYEG office and Executive Committee;
  • Communicate FYEG’s positions internally and externally with the support of the Executive Committee;
  • Support the EC and Prep Teams in policy-related preparations for FYEG events.


Profile of the applicant

Applicants should be:

  • a member of one of FYEG’s Member Organisations or observer organisations, or an individual who shares the same values of FYEG;
  • be passionate about the topic of mental health to discuss issues and take actions;
  • have knowledge or willingness to learn about mental health-related policies in Europe and/or their local context;
  • be available to commit to (a minimum of) 4 hours a week, including online meetings (starting at the end of May 2022 and throughout the rest of the year);
  • be willing to take an active role in the working group;
  • be a good team player who contributes to a safe and supportive environment;
  • be comfortable working in English.

Bonus skills are: 

  • have previous campaigner experience;
  • have knowledge in community building and organising at the European level;
  • having existing links with other European youth organisations; and 
  • be familiar with the lobbying of European institutions.

Want to join other young greens in pushing for bold solutions improving mental health across Europe? Apply to join the working group!

If you are interested in applying, please complete the application form HERE. If you have any questions, please contact our Project Manager Cristiana (project.manager@fyeg.org). Members will be notified of the selection results by the end of May.


The deadline for applying to the Democracy & Inclusion Working Group is 16th of May at Midnight CET.