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COP26 Delegation: Leaders By Rail


On Sunday 31 October 2021 the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) will be kicked off in Glasgow. Also in attendance: countless world leaders.


They are there to work on solutions to the most pressing problem of our time, the climate emergency. Their public statements will all be about cutting carbon emissions and the climate friendly transformation of our societies, but they are choosing the most climate damaging way of travel that exists. World leaders, including Boris Johnson who hails from the UK, will fly to the climate conference in their private jets. While today’s system makes it impossible for everyone to exclusively travel by train wherever they go, world leaders have a special responsibility.


If they really want to find solutions for climate friendly travel, they would benefit from experiencing today’s problems with such travel themselves. We oppose world leaders travelling to climate conferences in their private jets, especially if they, like Johnson, could easily get there by train.