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COP26: Polluters Out, People In

In less than two weeks the international community will begin COP26, the biggest decision point on saving our climate since the adoption of the Paris Agreement 6 years ago.

The world's biggest polluters have been given VIP access to lobby against our future at COP26.

These executives have proven time again they are willing to sabotage progress by pushing false solutions to boost their profits. David Hone from Shell even boasted that he helped write part of the 2015 Paris Agreement, allowing fossil fuel companies to greenwash while continuing reckless pollution.

Access should go to the people who are fighting and campaigning to ensure we have a future, rather than to those who are the reason humanity is in Code Red. 

The people who destroyed our planet are not the ones to save it.

Tell COP26 to kick the #PollutersOut ‼️ Sign and share our petition