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COPorate 19 – Radical Changes are needed!

Press Release concerning FYEG and Civil Society organisations walk-out of the UN Climate Summit COP19

Today a big number NGOs (WWF, Greenpeace, Action Aid International, Friends International, Friends of the Earth International, Oxfam) , and the Federation of Young Europen Greens walked out of the UN Climate Summit, due to the big lack of progress being made.

The Federation of Young European Greens has been actively involved in the COP process working together with Youth organizations, NGOs and other representatives of the civil society. Climate Change is one of the biggest challenges for humanity and many people, especially in the Global South, suffer heavily from its impact. The devastating impact of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines is further proof of what we have already known for several years.

In the past two weeks, we have seen :

  • Japans decision to scale down their emission reductions and roll back its climate action commitments,
  • Some developed countries, such as a Australia, blocking a 'loss and damage' mechanism to help developing countries deal with devastating climate impacts.
  • The Polish Government presidency focusing on its own agenda, including supporting an inappropriate coal summit!
  • No indications from developed countries to fill the Green Climate Fund towards the $100 billion pledged by 2020.

Anton Jaekel FYEG COP delegate says: "Many developed countries are not accepting their responsibility and do not deliver clear pledges. They are blocking many processes eventhough the world's population is in need of urgent action. COP19 needs to bring results so an ambitious agreement can be reached in 2015."

Krasina Demireva female Co-Spokesperson of FYEG explaines: "This Conference was funded by the fossil fuel industry, who's actions mainly hinder the combat of Climate Change. COP19 is mainly influenced by corporate interests while the voice of civil society is ignored. We can not support the direction in which the current negotiations are going. We think that our role now is to build a movement outside the COP19. We will come back united and strong to the COP20 in Lima!"

For further inforation and interview please contact:

Anton Jaekel:             jaekanto@hotmail.de
Krassina Demireva:     krassina@fyeg.org