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Ecosprinter: Call for Writers

The Ecosprinter, an independent and participatory magazine powered by FYEG, is opening a call for contributions for the 2022 printed edition on the topic of food.

What is the environmental impact of food? What is the European regulatory framework around food production? What are the social implications of the current food production system? Is food access equal across the world? How can indigenous knowledge be leveraged to improve the current food system?

Food is present in everyone’s daily lives, and people, especially young activists, have started to ask the questions of where it comes from and what its social and environmental impacts are. Now it is up to you, as an author and activist, to share your writings and views on food by proposing it for publication to the Ecosprinter.

This printed issue will be a collection of articles from across Europe. The good news: you can contribute to it with yours! Your article can be published in a sleek, cool, and collected design in the 2022 printed edition of the Ecosprinter!

So, how does this work in practice?

  • Find your idea! The world of food is very big, and topics and articles can vary greatly, from examples of food social enterprises to analyzing the environmental impacts of certain types of farming, there’s plenty of ground to be covered!
  • Choose the format you like, whether it is a story, an interview, an essay, a comic strip etc.
  • Fill in this Google Form to notify the Ecosprinter Editorial Board that you’re in!
  • Start typing! Ecosprinter articles are usually about 500 to 700 words. However, if you feel like you cannot stop typing, try to stick to the maximum length of 1200 words.
  • Send your first draft to ecosprinter@fyeg.org by Tuesday, November 30th (or as soon as you have it ready!) If you think you will need more time, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Pick a good picture of you and write a few sentences about yourself, as you’ll be shortly introduced in the contributor’s section.
  • Finalize the article after receiving feedback from the Editorial Board.
  • That’s it! Then it’s our turn to take care of the design and printing. You will get a personal copy of the Food issue from your member organization. 

This call is open to everyone envisioning a better future. Share it far and wide! Do you want to check last year’s edition? Have a look here

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