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Election of new Executive Committee member

Following the resignation of a member of the Executive Committee and the proposal to postpone FYEG General Assembly in August, FYEG is open a call for candidates to fill the vacant position in the Executive Committee until the General Assembly.

The Executive Committee is the second highest decision-making body of FYEG after the General Assembly and is responsible for running the organization between General Assemblies, including its political and communication activities as well as representing FYEG externally.

The Executive Committee of FYEG is composed of 8 members, including two co-Spokespersons, one Treasurer and five Board Members. At least half of them must be people who self-identify as woman, trans or genderqueer.The deadline for applications was on Sunday April 26th, 23:59 CEST and we have received 4 applications. We have included information on the candidates below. 

Maarten Demarsin

Belgian Flemish Young Greens (Jong Groen), Belgium

Read their submitted documents here:

Antonio Garcia Gonzalez

Spanish Young Greens (Red EQUO Joven), Spain

Read their submitted documents here:

Wanja Kaufmann

Swedish Young Greens (Grön Ungdom), Sweden

Read their submitted documents here:

Liam McClelland

Young Greens of England and Wales, United Kingdom

Read their submitted documents here:

The vote by Member Organisations will take place between April 28th - May 11th. All Member Organisations have been contacted notified an instructed on the electronic voting procedure.

If you have any questions, please contact office@fyeg.org

Voting System

Elections for the different positions happen using the method of single transferable vote. Delegates are invited to rank candidates by an order of preference. STV allows a proportional represenation wheen there are individual candidates and several positions to fill. It is used for elections in Malta, Ireland or Scotland among others.

Take a look at this video to understand how it works.