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The Federation of Young European Greens has elected a new Executive Committee

An active year of campaigning finished and the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) held its General Assembly in Strasbourg to evaluate the previous mandate and start a new one.

Krassina Demireva and Michael Bloss were re­-elected as Spokespersons. Milena Cazin was elected as the Treasurer. Further newly elected members of the Executive Committee are Júlia Boada­Danes, Marie Pochon, Joan Groizard, Gio Megrelishvili and Josef Smida. Maria Maggie Dokupilova continues the second half of her mandate as Secretary General. Red Equo Joven became a full FYEG Member Organisation, and Joves amb Iniciativa and the Green Academy Assosiation of Hungary were given Observer Member Status.

At its General Assembly, the Federation of Young European Greens took clear positions against TTIP and other trade agreements that are harmful for the environment and European social standards. Delegates talked about the political situation in Ukraine and the future integration of the country within the European Union. The new Executive Committee was tasked to facilitate a process to arrive at a position on the situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. FYEG will strongly focus on mobilising in the run up to COP21, the United Nations Climate Summit, in Paris next year.

Krassina Demireva, FYEG co-­spokesperson said: “Congratulations to the newly elected Executive Committee members, all elected members of other FYEG structures, and new organisations that joined our Green family. After a year of intense European parliament election campaigning, we all have the challenging task of on one hand keeping up the strong mobilisation of our activists and continuing the fight for Green values on a European level, but also shifting some of the focus of FYEG and concentrate on strengthening our internal structures, and local activism. The new Executive Committee consists of very motivated members, so we are looking forward to a productive and exiting year."

Michael Bloss, FYEG co-­spokesperson commented on the political agenda of FYEG: "I want to join my co­spokesperson in congratulating the newly elected persons within FYEG. During the election campaign, we could show that the Young Greens are strong in Europe. Also in the next year, we will be standing up together for our political convictions. We are against the trade treaties that only benefit big corporations and FYEG will work together with the civil society in order to stop TTIP, CETA and TISA. We will be self­reflecting, trying to be more integrative in our own organisation and combat exclusionary structures, as well as joining the struggle against the far right and right­wing populists."