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Housing Rights, Now!

Housing is a human right, yet it is treated as a commodity and left unregulated. There is a housing crisis all over Europe: where people face unaffordable rents, outdated and rundown housing, and unsatisfactory and unhealthy living conditions. In urban areas in particular, many people find themselves in untenable situations that are driving them further out of the city.

Young people being priced out of cities, rent costing 40% of income, particularly efficient Southern and Eastern member states. Housing is becoming too expensive which forces people (not just youth) to be locked into a home in unhealthy and desolate conditions, essentially being taken advantage of by landlords.

Many people face discrimination finding a home (i.e. buildings not renting to students, requiring proof of payslips, etc.)

Recently, it is young people worldwide who are most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Many of them are losing their jobs and without any social welfare support, they cannot afford private housing and are forced to move back home, enter a precarious housing situation, or left without a home altogether.


FYEG calls for decent housing for all!

There is a discrepancy between guaranteed social rights, and what is experienced by young people in reality. In order to raise this issue on a local and European level, and to advocate for youth rights, we are collecting personal stories on the issues that are affecting youth across Europe to feature in our campaign.

We invite young people to share their stories on their experiences with housing affordability, unhealthy living conditions, and discrimination on the housing market!

The stories we receive will be used in our campaign on social media.

Submit your story here!