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Independent Education is Under Attack in Hungary

FYEG strongly condemns the attack on Central European University (CEU) by the government of Viktor Orbán in Hungary. The recent proposed changes to Hungarian law directly target CEU's capacity to operate as an international institution. If enacted, the legislation would hinder the hiring of foreign staff, damage the university's credibility, and most importantly, could prevent CEU's continued existence as an institution of higher education in Hungary. With this legislation the Hungarian government specifically targets CEU.

Central European University has played a pivotal role in young people’s education in Central and Eastern Europe for the past 25 years. CEU makes an important contribution to critical thinking in Eastern Europe by creating a space for essential discussions in fields such as nationalism and gender studies. It also is a hub with a community spirit, and a place for activism. Many CEU alumni are among our Green activists. Forcing the relocation of the university would be a great loss to Hungary’s academic life, the staff, and, most of all, the students from the entire Eastern Europe (and beyond).

FYEG stands in solidarity with students, staff, and alumni. We demand that the Hungarian government abandon their assault on academic freedom and instead celebrate CEU's role in higher education and social mobility for young people in CEE.

Furthermore, FYEG calls for action from the European Union to protect the integrity of the vital educational institution and independent education in general.