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Not One Less: Call for the Elimination of Gender-based Violence

According to the Council of Europe, domestic violence kills a woman every 12 minutes. Let’s be clear: it is men that commit violence against women and it is neither a domestic nor a private matter. 

Violence is a result of patriarchy and it is a very public matter. Violence begins with sexism, verbal harassment, emotional abuse, physical abuse and sexual harassment. At no point are any of these forms of violence “harmless” or “not important enough” to address. Violence feeds off of patriarchal authorities, poor state protection, insufficient laws, ineffective prosecution and injustice.

The ratification of the Istanbul Convention by states is not enough, it is simply the first step in addressing the multiple forms of violence against women. The Istanbul Convention should be fully implemented and monitored. This requires governments to invest more in prevention.

Violence does not need to be obvious to be visible. Just because the police or judges don’t see it, doesn't mean it is not there. Police and Judges, amongst others, need to receive training so that they can recognise and address red flags. Protection should be offered without waiting for visible damage to happen. Laws across Europe should be updated to define rape not by the threat of violence but by the lack of consent. 

Radical problems require radical solutions.

We will continue our work to smash patriarchy and we will not be one person less.