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The People's Climate March

Millions of people in cities throughout the world have marched to demand urgent action on climate change. The Federation of Young European Greens, some of our Member Organisations, the Global Greens & the European Green Party have joined the marches yesterday throughout the world to tell our leaders that what we need now is Actions, Not Words. Check out our photos from the different marches in this album. If you would like to share your photos, send us via email to office@fyeg.org

Tomorrow, September 23, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is hosting a high level Climate Change summit with world leaders, and this is a chance for grassroots, civil society and ordinary people to build up momentum for an international deal.

In the face of ongoing but rarely far-reaching climate negotiations, the hope is that Ban Ki-moon summit, by bringing world leaders directly to the negotiating table, will provide a stronger push for strong commitments to tackle the climate crisis.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is finalising its fifth Assessment Report, which is set to confirm some of the worst scenarios predicted by previous reports and reiterate the need for urgent global action. The report quantifies the consequences of climate change that we are already experiencing and are expected to worsen: Arctic ice loss, sea level rise, effects on food production, damage to vulnerable ecosystems...

As the generation who will have to deal with the current and future impacts of climate chaos, we refuse to stand by as corporate interest and resistance to change delay and obstruct necessary radical change. 

With the climate summit coming up later this year in Lima and in the run-up to the Paris summit in December 2015, this is a crucial step in the push to persuade our national, European and international leaders to deliver the broad, radical changes needed to transition to a low-carbon economy and avoid the worst of catastrophic climate change. Rest assured FYEG is on board with the global climate movement.

Our friends from the Global Young Greens are also running a cool climate-related campaign. Find out more here!