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Presenting FYEG Delegation at the COP22

Anton Jaekel is from Germany and has attended lots of UNFCCC-meetings since 2011 in Durban, South Africa. He studies political and sustainable human science in Lüneburg and since November last year he is the International Officer of Grüne Jugend. He will not only focus on the negotiations but also work on connections with other NGOs. He will follow the overall negotiations broadly and specifically focus on Human Rights as well as on Loss & Damage.


Mitja Mieskolainen is from Finland and works as a security specialist in the Helsinki area.  He's been active in the Finnish Green Party for almost three years now and is the chairperson of the Helsinki Young Greens. Mitja went on the activist side of UNFCCC COP21 last year to witness and influence the forming of the Paris Agreement, which was a wonderful moment for climate activists. Now it is time to ratify the agreement and to double the efforts in reducing carbon emissions. Climate change is the biggest existential risk to all known life in the universe and preventing it should be the top priority of everyone. You can contact Mitja at mitja.mieskolainen@gmail.com


Sabrina Chakori holds a bachelor in Biology and a Master in Environmental Economics. She redirected her interests from science to economics, convinced that to solve the interlinked social and ecological crises that we are facing, we need to change the root of our economic system.In the last 10 years, Sabrina has been active in many NGOs and in politics in Switzerland, she has been president of the Young Greens in Ticino. Moreover, she volunteered in many parts of the world such as in Europe, Australia, Kenya, Mexico and Ecuador. With the purpose of improving the economic system, and therefore all the externalities linked to it, in 2016 she became the youngest certified Caring Economy Advocate in Australia (Center for Partnership Studies – USA). You can contact her at sabrina.chakori@hotmail.com.


Kim van Sparrentak is from the Netherlands and has been involved in FYEG for five years now. At the moment she is one of the co-coordinators of FYEG's climate change working group. She studied political science with an environmental science minor and has an MSC in Urban Environmental Management. She has a passion for making cities more sustainable and you may find her taking pictures of recycling systems or open water drainages when you least expect it. Currently, she is working for Friends of the Earth the Netherlands on their transport and air quality campaign. She has a big interest in climate justice issues and intergenerational equity. You can contact her at @noituloveroce (yep, that's ecorevolution spelled backward) or kim@fyeg.org.


Natasa Ioannou lives in Cyprus where she works with Friends of the Earth Cyprus and campaigns for environmental justice. Her educational background is in Biology, Marine Environmental Management and in Environment, Politics, and Globalisation. She is a board member of the Young Cyprus Greens for the past two years, engaging with Climate change and climate justice issues. She has a passion of organising actions and campaigns. This is the first time she will participate in an FYEG COP delegation and she is looking forward to put pressure in the political debate and relieve the climate. You can contact her at @natasa_ioannou or natasa.mioannou@gmail.com


Danika Formosa is from Malta and is reading for a Degree in Environmental Engineering. She has been involved with local environmental NGOs and different green initiatives for the past few years. She is the International Secretary on the board of the Maltese Young Greens. She is very enthusiastic about climate issues, waste management, fisheries, law and environmental economics. She enjoys participating in campaigns and coming up with new ideas and strongly believes in education and climate justice. She is looking forward to her first experience at COP22, to expand her knowledge and engage with different people. You can contact her at formosa.danika@gmail.com


Hanna Lidström is a 22 years old young activist and she is the spokesperson for the Young Greens in Sweden. She likes climate justice, public speaking, and playing soccer! She is interested at COP22 because she wants to be a part in turning the Paris Agreement into reality and she thinks that NGOs have a great role in that.