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Solidarity with Klinika!

Four years ago, a collective of social rights activists in Prague turned the formerly abandoned lung clinic into the Autonomous Social Center Klinika. A derelict building was transformed into a center of social life, offering a rich cultural program, language courses, community spaces and solidarity work, all without the help of private capital or the state. However, these times are coming to an end. The owner of the building is trying to evict the activists and build office spaces instead. The eviction has started on Thursday, despite support from the Prague city hall and the district. Dozens of activists have formed a non-violent protest against the eviction, with some of them still occupying the building.

“Every city needs places that are not there to make profit, but are rather based on values such as community, diversity and solidarity. On the one hand, every other corner has an empty, aging and decaying house. On the other hand, there are many people living on the streets every single day. We have to draw attention to this injustice, and while this paradox is still present, places such as Klinika are needed, and we have to defend them. Klinika clearly demonstrates that another world is possible. After the first day of the attempt to evict Klinika, I still believe that this movement is something you can not evict,” says Petr Doubravský, Co-Spokesperson of Czech Young Greens, who attended the effort to stop the eviction of Autonomous Social Center Klinika in Prague on Thursday.

“Klinika has been an encouraging example of an autonomous space where solidarity can thrive. During the last years, we have had the privilege to attend many events there, together with Young Greens from all over Europe. It has inspired young people to work towards societies with alternatives to commercial and exclusive spaces. Our vision of Europe includes autonomous spaces and ways of living that are not blindly driven by financial profit and we extend our full solidarity to our friends in Prague,” adds Zuzana Pavelková, Co-Spokesperson of the Federation of Young European Greens.

The evictors, along with private security and police came back on Friday and the evictions are expected to continue over the weekend. Support is needed to show everyone what we stand for, and that we don’t have to settle with the society given to us but we can work together to build something greater. We stand in solidarity with Klinika.