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You find below the Infographic of us and our French Member Organisation Le Jeunes Ecologistes on TTIP. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP) is currently negotiated between the United States of America and the EU Commission. The agreement is negotiated behind closed doors. It is focussed on decreasing European consumer and ecolocical standards and entails non-democratic state-investor dispute settlement agreements. FYEG is part of many cilvi-society organistions that mobilise against TTIP.

Also our Member Organisations mobilise against TTIP.

Here is the link to the Jeunes Ecologistes website: http://www.jeunes-ecologistes.org/stop-tafta/

Here is the link to the Grüne Jugend website: http://www.gruene-jugend.de/taxonomy/term/1440

There will be more activity against TTIP in the coming months!

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