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Vote this CAP Down!

The European Parliament’s vote on the new rules for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will also be a vote on climate, biodiversity, and social justice. Despite the yearlong negotiations, the CAP is incompatible with the objectives of the European Green Deal, young Greens from across Europe are asking MEPs to vote down this CAP.

On the 23rd of November, MEPs will vote on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This CAP will determine the EU's agriculture strategy and policies until 2030. Th: te funding granted to farmers represents around 40% of the European budget and largely influences not only farming which is responsible for 13% of EU emissions in 2019, but also the food business sector and standarts in s societythe EU'.

In the context of the climate emergency and increasing social injustice, it has never been more urgent to act now. However, this CAP is not capable of meeting the challenges at stake.

The CAP does not enable the EU to comply with its own objectives and policies, in particular the European Green Deal. A report by the European Court of Auditors has proven that the CAP is failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farming, therefore also failing to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.CAP funds go primarily to big industrial agricultural holdings, thus supporting monoculture, the heavy use of pesticides, and rural depopulation. In order to cope with the risks of extreme weather events due to climate change, it would only be wise to support diversification – but he CAP continues to favor high specialization of the producers. Not only does the CAP not help to develop small, local, and organic farms, but it also does not give the necessary tools to farmers themto enable to transition to more cecological practices.

For these reasons, we urge every member of the European Parliament to vote against the current proposal for the CAP. Fighting climate change remains too often an empty promise. But the European Parliament could send a strong signal by refusing a CAP incompatible with the EU’s own climate objectives. Instead, our Union needs a climate-resilient agriculture that reduces its emissions, protects biodiversity, and allows all farmers to earn a living.

The CAP has to be compatible with the objectives of the European Green Deal and enable the EU to reach carbon neutrality in 2050. In order to make better use of its natural assets, the CAP needs to significantly strengthen incentives to preserve our biodiversity, for example by planting trees in between fields and allowing small plants to grow amidst thecrops. In addition, the CAP needs to grant a bonus to those farmers who are using less artificial pesticides.

The CAP payments need to be limited for large farms while funding for small and medium-sized organic farming needs to be significantly strengthened. At the same time, the conversion process for direct payments to farmers should be accelerated to reduce imbalances among the member states.

The CAP needs to support social justice. On the one hand, the CAP’s income support system needs to be reshuffled in order to specifically support small and medium-sized producers. On the other hand, a just CAP needs to finance the local production of healthy food, so that it becomes accessible to everyone.

Thus, marginal amendments are by far insufficient; the CAP needs a profound refashioning. Europe is no longer threatened by hunger and starvation. Europe is threatened by the climate crisis, social inequality, and a mass extinction. The CAP needs to follow suit and secure the next generation’s survival. Since the current proposal still dates from the 20th century, we urge MEPs to vote against it.


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