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Young European Greens Stand in Solidarity with Students in Albania!

Right now Albania is witnessing some of the biggest protests since 1990s. Protests are held by students claiming their right to access free and quality education. The massive student  protests breaks the silence and gathers numbers of students and allies to protest against the unjust Higher Education Law. 

The neoliberal educational reform passed in 2015, opened up public education funds to private universities, often linked to political parties, allowing them to “compete” for funds and students, but a few students were aware of the consequences of this new reform on higher education.

In December 2018, the Council of Ministers took a decision to double charge for students to retake an exam without notifying the students. This fostered the massive protests among students, who were left unnotified for this new charge. Given the massive protests, the Ministry of Education decided to withdraw the article on the additional fees. Regardless of this decision, the students continued the protest coming up with new requirements. In January 2019 the students started to boycott the lectures until the fulfilment of their demands.

"We need a system that will provide equal opportunity to all students to contribute to the development of their societies, no matter of their socioeconomic status. Unless we stop thinking of education as a commodity, the whole of Europe will fall behind", states Zuzana Pavelková, Co-Spokesperson of FYEG.

"As a Green, I support the massive student protest for free and public education. After the education law was passed, there were only a few left wing activists protesting. Now we should resist until our demands are fulfilled and the law on higher education is repealed", continues Kristina Millona, in behalf of Albanian Young Greens.

As FYEG, we condemn the use of violence by the police against the students. We support young people’s peaceful and nonviolent actions to reclaim their social rights.

Education is not a commodity, therefore we stand in solidarity with the Albanian students!