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CDN-FYEG Meeting 13/07/2014

  Minutes CDN – FYEG EC meeting 14/7/2014


Attendees: Katarina Pavlovic, Vesna Jusup, Krassina Demireva, Michael Bloss, Josef Smida, Marie Pochon, Joan Groizard, Gio Megrelishvili, Julia Boada, Milena Cazin, Maggie Dokupilova


We agreed presentation of CDN as such is not necessary since Kaca done it during the GA program, after the meeting Vesna introduced new EC in some history of CDN and development of CDN.


CDN coming events:

no summer camp


Meeting in Bulgaria: EC and possibly their WG meeting; strategy planning meeting

  • CDN fundraising for it from MEPs

  • there is budget for one FYEG EC person


Caucasus regional meeting on EU enlargement – PRIORITY

  • applied to GEF together with FYEG, hosted by GeorgianYG

  • work on further cooperation with MEPs/Green group in the EP, fundraising not needed but to ensure their participation

  • CDN will take care of the organization for now with GYG

  • Vesna proposing FYEG to discuss political priority for the conference – preferences for CDN to include it into agenda

  • there should be FYEG representative in the event


RUMB regional meeting

  • gender neutral design as topic – youth initiatives to support gender equality

  • In november in Belarus, Minsk


Balkan regional meeting

-GEF and Green Forum of Sweden's project, outsourced to CDN, hosted by SerbianGY

-in Belgrade, 3-5th of October

-EU enlargement on Western Balkans from Green perspective


Study session on Migration

7-14 June 2015, Budapest in Youth Centre

Possible cooperation with Migration working group from FYEG


Contact person: Blaze (+  Kaca)

Proposing to improve the official contacts since in the last two years there was no so much of communication between CDN and FYEG contact persons (one or two Skypes per year)



expectation of office staff change in CDN

  • 1st of September – Teo finishing contract

  • Vesna plans to leave in 2015

  • FYEG will deal with accountancy and have to deal with Belgian requirements

  • proposal for office work on this (an exchange of FYEG-CDN Secretariats and Treasurers)


Moodle: new e-learning experiment of CDN, FYEG is welcome to join

  • includes: EC, WG capacity building

  • procedures/intro course

  • reimbursement procedures


CDN did study visit in Russia

  • met with several organisations, among them Yablko

  • CDN will send report with recommendations


Twinning cities

  • preference that FYEG takes care of the project and communicates with the organisations directly, not over CDN in administrative sense, but CDN happy to help with contacts and ideas


Strategic approach towards Eastern Europe

  • CDN proposes to have joint strategy that we will be working together on. It is needed to have this strategy before the new person comes to CDN office, so there’s already prepared framework.


CDN proposes to participate more in the joint projects and that one FYEG EC member is involved in the prep-teams.


French Young Greens became partner organisation to CDN, will most likely change it to observership because there’s no point in having MOs without specific historical Eastern background in CDN (such as Poland, Cheh, Slovakia, Baltic countries, Germany).


CDN proposes to work together on long-term strategies


Next GA might be in the Caucasus (East of Turkey/Georgia)...idea to have wider FYEG EC representation there



  • to discuss political priority for the GEF conference – preferences for CDN to include it into agenda

  • to discuss possibility of a joint strategic meeting for 2015 (CDN has good chances to get money for it)

  • to plan office meeting with treasurers to deal with CDN's accountancy

  • to discuss how/who will take care of the Moodle project

  • to decide on having retreat meeting in Bulgaria

  • to decide on official contact person    



  • send list of activities 2014-2015

  • send report from study visit in Russia

  • send report from visit in Tuzla, Bosnia

  • send report from Romania and Moldova

  • plan office work in Brussels

  • send activity reports   

  • come up with proposals on strategic process