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EC meeting Brussels, 13-14 April

FYEG EC Meeting

13-14 of April, Brussels

Present: Steva, Jakob, Terry, Krassi, Maggie, Phil, Micha, Onur, Ingrid


Moderator: various

Minute taker: Ingrid






  • Update about the conference
    Very successful, some 200 people there from different backgrounds. There was also media coverage and many people seem to have watched the live stream. 
  • Media
    There was a lot of activity on twitter. There was also an article in Italian media and something on Bütikofer’s homepage. 
  • Evalution
    General: It went well all in all. In terms of image and credibility the event was very good.
    Timing: Afternoon was too long and too confrontational. Workshops should have had more time, maybe we could skip on session in the afternoon. 
    Livestream: was good

    Press: EGP pressperson didn’t work; should have press-release after the conference; The press people should have informed that they should come 30 minutes after the action.
    FYEG delegation: was not fully prepared content-wise; Proposals could have been more structured and smart;
    Participants: overrepresentation of Germany;  organisation was strong

    Preparation: Preparation Process was a bit messy; not reliable; results were fine (it caused a stressed),
    Mingling: There could be a 1 hour reception after the conference, so that people could mingle more.
  • follow  up
    Someone should take the responsibility of organizing people for the reports and articles. Micha will do this.
  • Böll and youth
    They are also starting to work more on this and wants us to participate in a conference in the fall.
    DECISION: we will.




  • Budget plan
    Project assistant and sec. gen salaries will be raised according to discussions in Finland. We are also prioritizing raising the office capacities with one election campaign coordinator and one office assistant.
    DECISION: to approve the suggestion with raised salaries and more people in the office.
    The phone costs are raised in the budget to reflect what we actually use.
    Legal subsistence is going to be cut because there are other benefits.
    The ECM budget for next year is going to be very tight. There will be space for the retreat and every other meeting need to be connected to an event.
    We might save some money on the second GA in comparison to what Steva calculated.
    We will probably need more money for the web site than what is in this budget
    DECISION: Steva and Maggie want to write an explanation of the budget for the MOs for the GA
    When we rely on parliament visits we need to think about how to finance non-EU participants.
    DECISION: to ad a line on non-EU participants to events with 1000 euros.
    DECISION: meeting budget line to be fixed, GYG at WC line to be fixed, web site costs, incomes and expenses of autumn conference should be finalized




  • Election Campaign Plan
    No big changes has been made since Finland.
    Online Campaign Team (OCT) – should be coordinated by the campaign team to edit movies and do other online stuff.
    Press Team – could consist of spokes, person from Ecosprinter board, webmaster etc.
    Is it too detailed? This is a plan; we interpret it in a way that there will still be certain flexibility for the ECC
    DECISION: we will add that a bigger fundraising strategy for the election campaign should be developed by the EC in cooperation with the campaign team.
    DECISION: We will add that a bigger external communication should be developed.
    DECISION: we delete all parts about the press team since there will be a bigger external communication strategy developed and we should not create new bodies before this. The tasks of the press team should still be in the plan.
    DECISION: to adopt the campaign plan
  • Election campaign budget
    we change so that 7000 is for trainers to go to events and we write “to be fundraised” and another 4000 is for the campaign team’s meeting and this we write “from the FYEG budget”.
    DECISION: to adopt this budget plan
  • Date for training
    We need to clarify with GEF about the money for this training. Terry will do that.
  • Interns
    • Odysee
      They have no more budget right now. We should apply for September. We could see if it would be possible to have this as a campaign intern, if this is not ok we could ask for an office intern. We want the internship to be as long as possible.
      DECISION: Onur will write a job description.
    • EVS
      Until this Wednesday we need to write the accreditation letter if we want to apply for 1st of June. Before that date we already need to have an intern. An EVS requires quite a lot of introduction.
      DECISION: Maggie and steva will prepare an accreditation letter
      Ideas of what the person could work on:

      • Falafel
      • Lgbtq network
      • External partner support
      • Press support
      • Climate stuff
      • MO coordination, bringing MOs together
        DECISION: onur, phil, micha, Maggie will work on this together with steva. They should make a specific suggestion for skype depending on the priorities of the EVS person.

  • Summer Camps
    • German Speaking
      They are having some money issues but most likely it will be fine.
    • Inter Iles
      Is definitely happening and they are working on it
    • BeNeFranceLux
      Are having a prep.team meeting right now
    • Southern
      They want to have a preparation meeting before the council. They should also have a skype soon.
    • Northern
      Probably happening in the west of Sweden. Ingrid is trying to have a first skype meeting next week.
    • Eastern
      This is probably not happening after the split of the party in Hungary. Also the Ukrainian young green summer camp will not happen. Maggie will see if the polish or Czechs are motivated to organize it.





  • General concept and time frame 
    • They want to have a common manifesto
    • They want to have a campaign plan that will be adopted in fall
    • They will hire extra staff
    • They will have the primaries
    • They have started on a fundraising strategy, its mostly on the primaries and the financing will be mostly online

  • Council
    • They will have campaign plan
    • Party leaders meeting
    • 10 of July there’s a presentation on the advertisement agency, maybe FYEG can also be there
    • There’s a WG on the plan and one of the manifesto

  • Summer
    • The campaign starts
    • Council preparation
    • Online/ex comm. Team
    • Campaign manager
    • Working group

  • Council
    • 8-10 of November, Brussels
    • Candidates for leading candidate will be presented

  • February electoral congress
    • Presentation of result of the primaries

  • The green group will have a big event in March on a new convention for Europe
  • In April is an event in Berlin
  • Topics, it is not clear yet but things that are being discussed are:
    • Something on democracy
    • Something on social issues
    • Something on climate change
    • Youth – maybe as a social issue




  • Youth emancipation resolution
    The resolution is finished. FYEG should not table amendments since we were part of the writing process.
  •  Youth debates
    There will hopefully be a speaker first and then there’s the possibility that people will be split in several groups to discuss specific topics:
    Youth guarantee and other solutions
    Youth participation and democracy
    The Spanish wanted a few more topics for example housing
    DECISION: micha and terry will keep speaking on this with EGP and young Equo.
  • Youth resolution debate
    Will be on Saturday. Reinhard is going to be speaker and we will propose Micha.

  • action, 9th of May ”Day of European Youth Solidarity”.
    Will be at puerta del sol. Should be 10-15 minutes. Micha and Guillermo have made a concept. The concept has also been sent to our MOs and hopefully there will be more pictures and videos from these actions.

  •  Amendments
    • Pensions (micha)
    • Digital Rights (maggie)





  • Update from meeting with Raf
    We have a hostel but no venue. Steva is going to a potential venue on Tuesday. Jong Groen will cook.

  • Program
    • MO exhibition – will probably have to be at the venue because in the hostel there’s probably not space
    • Name games – onur will be responsible
    • Venue on Friday – Jakob will speak to Raf and see how important it is to have the bigger room
    • Panel on Friday – it looks like Rebecca will be able to come. Jakob will contact her assistant on Monday again if he does not have a final reply.
    • Minutes – they have to be gone through. Steva and Krassi will do it.
    • Presentation of motions and reports – democracy, climate and migration might also write resolutions. SPP also need to be here.
    • There needs to be a break between the Saturday morning blocks
    • Workshops
      • Ad one more eco workshop (on the commons) and the one from gina
      • Green economy – there’s gonna be the green compass team or a speaker
      • Peace – is going to be a role play
      • Global justice – will have a speaker
      • Gender – will be about LGTBQ and have various speakers
    • Panels – both should go from 2hours to 1,5 hours
    • Growth panel – the panelists are in the document called “public agenda”
    • There needs to be breaks on Sunday afternoon
    • Workshops
      • Democracy – has invited gerhald häfner or they         might have another speaker or do it themselves
      • Water campaign and democracy workshop might be swopped
      • Digrig – it’s still not clear
      • Migration – they have invited a speaker and they will know by next week
      • COP – oleg is coming
    • Presentation of candidates needs to get more time, maybe an hour more
    • The concept of women’s dinner will be discussed in the gender wg
    • Raf should be asked about the plans for the birthday celebration
    • The budget should be added to the Monday morning session
    • On Friday presentation of the campaign plan should be added
    • The activity report should be added to the report session, delete communications report
    • Ingrid will ask if Jong Groen if they already have a DJ for Saturday
  • Activity report
    • Quorum was not reached in Belgrade
    • EC should finish all their parts by Wednesday

  • EC report
    Also deadline wednesday
  • Sec gen report
    Deadline on Wednesday
  • AC report
    Deadline Wednesday
  • WG report
    Part of the activity report
  • Web master report
    Jakob will ask Christoph to make a report, this will not be presented at the GA though.
  • Ecosprinter report
    Not longer than a page, DL 22nd
  • Minutes last GA
    DL 22nd        
  • Activity plan
    same as for the report
  • Winter Camp 2014: we have to apply for youth in action in 1st of June. We will also need to finance separately for some 10 000 euros. The WC cannot be used for election purposes. Youth unemployment and youth participation as topics. Czech republic? The ECC should be consulted.
    DECISION: Maggie will start working on this
  • Activity  plan after the GA2014
    • Theme ideas?
    • Ukrainian summer camp


  • Status of MOs
    Maggie is sending emails to organizations that haven’t paid their fee.
    Jakob is in contact with the Romanians
    The EC will present only our view of the candidate orgs
    We support the candidacy for young Equo
    Modom – Maggie and Phil will look closer at the application

  • WGs
    • Closing down
      The EC will propose not to remandate the regionalism WG and the transportation WG
    • Starting
      • Youth issues
        Micha will tell the delegates of the youth emancipation conference that they are able to start a WG if they want
  • Twitter wall
    DECISION: we will do it only during the spring conference. Someone should be moderating though so that there is not harassment and so on.
  • USB sticks
    Shenna is taking care of this.

  • Media strategy
    Press release – will be written together with Jong Groen. Steva still to promote it in the EGP and GGEP.
    Event promotion. We should call media 3 days before. We should also have a strategy for how we promote different parts of the conference. We need help with this.
    Action: there will be a PR

  • MEPs "how do we deal with them"
    Invite the green group to the social mixer. Maggie will write a text. Onur will help with design if needed. Steva will put it in the pigeon boxes of the MEPs.
  • financial conditions for Jong Groen members
    The local prepteam and the two delegates don’t pay anything. The rest should pay something. Steva will propose something on next skype conference.



Terry leaving the meeting




Jakob will send the applications to kristian, christoph, silvio and hector for comment. The EC will also have a look at the design and then we will vote in one week.




  • Objectives
    We treat this as IRPs or Political Platform. This means that people have to make amendments three weeks before the GA and the delegates will have access to this. If there’s opposition to the procedure we will table it at the extraordinary GA instead.




  • numbers of members to the Ecosprinter board – make it more flexible.
  • co-option to replace resigned EC members instead of electronic vote
    This person will not have voting change. Another IRP change to fix quorum to be agreed.
  • time frames in the electronic vote
    Will not be proposed
  • purpose of the WGs
  • forming WGs
  • election of AC
    to only ad sec gen but otherwise keep the current writing
  • Line 455 – delete “at least two of them needs to be EC members”. Jakob will make a concrete amendment.
  • organizational control committee
    We want a change to the AC. Also any FYEG body can ask the AC to mediate. Jakob will make a concrete proposal for amendment.
  • introducing a political coordinator 
    No majority
  • putting an extra GA in the IRP

Unclear decision

Ingrid will fix the document and send it to the EC list again to vote on the exact writing




  • Onur’s work
    • Update: Onur works on online communication (gives a problem assessment, analytics → examples of how to improve), secondly Press Work (working on analytics, proposals to improve our press list, a task of the WGs, EC to meet offline press people before our events), third – who will have the responsibility to work on it (the press group etc.)
    • Design of webpage should be presented before Madrid, checked there, draft 1.1. to be taken note of by the GA, wait for their reaction.
    • To recalculate volunteers budget line and to reallocate it to the Ex-Com line.
  • General roadmap 



Amended and draft approved to be presented and further discussed at the GA