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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 04.06.2012

Skype conference:  04.06.2012 19:00 CET

Moderator: Jakob
Minute taker
: Steva

1. Personal Updates

2. Office Updates
- application for Energy seminar worked, Falafel failed
- prep-team meeting of the Global Solidarity Seminar
- Vesna is doing study visit in Belarus (CDN SC)
- one vote is missing on the intern
- no info from Ska Keller on the WGM dates
3. Statutory Meetings 
ECM in Brussels (4pm 22.06 – 4pm 24.06)
reader and agenda (include GIC, SPP)
Steva, Ingrid, coordinate will make a pad and everyone can give input. Further Ingrid and Steva will structure all inputs
EC input until sunday, 14th June deadline for agenda 
deadline for reader one week before 
ECM this summer - discussion of different options
ECM this summer - Belarus/or another one Luxemburg/Germany skip/
next one Vis/Hungary/Chema/Gelsenkirchirchen/WGM other alternatives (Decision: Vis in not an alternative to a July ECM)
EC will not have ECM in Belarus. Krassina and Ingrid applied. Phil is in prep team. Krassina will not go as she has limited days for holidays.  Jakob will still apply. Steva will go. Micha will go as well. 
Decision: July-summercamp (belarus) will be skipped. Instead we will only have the Retreat in Vis (if it does not conflict with the WGM. We wait for the WGM-Date info before taking further decisions on the retreat, but it could alternatively take place in Gelsenkirchen (training), Regensburg (the german-speaking summercamp)) 
13th-14th of July Krassina is on Democracy Internatioanl Summer Academy.
4. Communication 
Newsletter (skype tomorrow, hand-over at ECM)
Jakob will send one more newsletter and then Krassina will take over. 
Ecosprinter (series on Bonn Intersessionals?)
- ideas about a seminar on "Green Journalism" (what is to be a journalist at the hot events (invite lecturers, spread all the Ecosprinter articles agenda; have a video etc), workshop on green journalism during training - point on ECM
5. Working Groups
WGs calls
- sent to the MOs list, facebook, the FYEG webpage
has been sent, needs to be sent to more lists (general list, open wg lists, individually to mos) Should be sent to general list.
EC members should send to their MO contacts. 
Steva should make overview of e-lists that we have and send to new EC members.
join FB groups of MOs
Krassina will collect applications and make an overview. There will be a list where where the eC will collect all the information.
Krassina and Hector concluded that yeapsy will not be useful for WGs. 
4. Networking
-update by Micha, Chema and Ingrid
What is next?
we have different opitons: one is applying at the national YiA deadline (Greece, Lux)
We will check the options that we have and decide on ECM.
- contact Greece YG and see what they think about applying to national agency
- Phil to contact Lux national agency and see what they think about seminar and if the seminar can happen in Greece 
- collect the inputs and decide on ECM in June 
 In general we need to look for more cooler MOs in the MENA region..
- Update concerning office moving:
EGP is thinking to move office. Bigger office with more facilities. More suitable space, caffe and bed&breakfast. 
-Jakob going to committee meeting 
Evaluation of Council
Preparation of WGs
- Working Groups 
short update Terry
Written report is on e-mail list. 
We should have someone who is regurarly participating at meetings of Migration Working group (Phil)
8th - 11th of september next WGM
Communicate with EGP office about contact deatils of new FYEG ppl in Working groups
- meeting with Jochen conerning the Intern (Steva)
Two applicants are far ahead of all the others, we will send this to group and sent
We will send results of the votes and we will leave it up to green group.
Press releases:
-We are all greeks
Terry takes care of it
Deadline is over. We should discuss it further and do something. When we have Global solidarity seminar we can go in front of the embassy.
Drafting PR - micha and ingrid will work on it
Update by Micha: "Today I was getting a mail from GYG, they want to do some online campaings. I want to put them in contact with energy campaing team (maybe they could do something on climate change) they want to start the campaing in sep. They are preparing an activity plan, which is not finalised, I coordinate with them and when its finalised, we ask you to commend. (Rose and Ann from Kenya applied for the Global Solidarity Seminar, so we might have them here soon)."
Update Phil
- Summer Camp (Jakob would go)
We got more co-financing. Lots of applications. Phill is getting a good feeeling. 
5. Finances (Maggie and Steva)
skip to the ecm
6. Projects 
Rio+20 seminar --> short update Terry and Micha
EC Members who would like to come (untill now Phil, Micha maybe Ingrid and Krassi)
Accommodation issue is solved, finally. Agenda is quite diverse but strucuted.
Youth Speakers Training (call for prepteam) -Terry
call has been sent to EC list several days ago. Training dates 15th - 22nd September.
Phil will ask martin neukom
LGTBQ Belgrade (call for prepteam) --> Terry update
Mobilising people to come to Pride in Belgrade. Two MPs from Germany are coming. Djole is in close contact with organisers of the pride. We are still looking for co-funding.
Terry is in contact with prep team. Not part of it but supporting their work. Phil will join too.
Ecosprinter Yearbook
work on report
Needs to be done untill the end of June.
Energy Seminar
Application sent, had first talk with Austrians about what to expect from local prep-team (potentially)
ECI responsible from the EC 
Krassina will push more in that direction
Norwegian Young Greens visit: (will visit the office, ask for nordic cooperation) 
Situation of Russian Young Bloggers 
Phill  “They want to do actions in Brussels and Strasbourg. They are having a tour. When I get more info I will send it to EC.”
Euro PR
Phill - Will make a pad about proposals what we can do, how and when