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Minutes: EC Phone Conference 06.08.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  06-08-2012 19:00-21.00 CEST

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Elections
Election of moderator: Jakob
Election of minutes taker: Micha
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least four EC members has to be present for the meeting to be valid
Attending people: Terry, Jakob, Ingrid, Micha, Phil, Krassi, Maggie, Steva
Missing: Chema

Meeting is valid
4. Approving the agenda
The agenda was approved
5. Personal Update
It was given.
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the weeks
Pussy Riot PR – was confirmed

7. Decision follow up
To ask Franziska and Marije to contribute with 300 € each to the Zagreb seminar.
Steva will send receipts for reimbursement
Social dimension WG meeting that Terry cannot attend 7-8 of September - who will go?  Decision next meeting: Jakob proposed
Green leaders meeting 26th of August in Brussels - will Phil or Krassi go? Phil is going.
8. Office

subsidised traineeship programme -> Micha will explore what we have to do
Answer from the prosecutor: No answer 


YiA program 4.6. No Update yet, Maggie will check it out for next meeting

9. Internal structure
a) ECMs
Serbia ECM 2-3 October: Decision will be made in the next ECM in Serbia
Tuzla ECM 17-19 December. Decision  will be made on the next ECM in Serbia
 ECM in Serbia 16-20th August - EC members need to state their arrival and departure time
b) WGs
 1st WG coordinators meeting went well. 16 people joined it
 People were enthusiastic about the meeting and worked on the agenda of the IRL WG Meeting
c) MOs
A report of how to involve Eastern European organisations will be written by Phil and we should discuss it in Belgrade

d) SPP
Pleae email to your personal contacts in the MOs to fill the forms
Please have a look on the SPP to prepare for discussing it in Belgrade

Project Assistant: There are more than 20 applications

10. Communication
a) internal communication
b) external communication
c) web
d) Ecosprinter
discussion: procedure - election of new member to the Ecosprinter board
The applications will be ranked by the Ecosprinter Editorial (EEB) board and then the EC will take the decision based on the EEB ranking
e) Newsletter
The newsletter was sent,  EC reports and all minutes  except the ones from the ECM in Brussels were published
11. Networking
a) CDN
There is a need to find the dates for Joint Meeting & Skype Meeting. Phil will send a doodle for a joint skype meeting
b) GYG
International Participation and WG Meeting? If they get the funding, they are very welcome!
International Participation and the Belgrade Seminar? Terry will ask the prep-team about this
c) Falafel
d) Student's network
e) EGP
Supporting Panu's candidacy to the EGP committee .Terry will check if there is the possibility of supporting two
Terry will write to Panu, that we will discuss it at the ECM
g) European youth forum
h) Other organization’s activities:
European Parliament Roundtable on Social Inclusion-  Micha will write a short call and forward it to the coordinators list, we will see if some people apply
12. Activity plan
 a) projects in preparation
New media summer school /EuroDig/ - Maggie trying badly to reach somebody from Portugal - no responses.
it would be for 1st October deadline and  we will apply for open call that is sent out by Ingrid.
b) projects applied for
c) approved projects 

b) projects applied for

c) approved projects

WG meeting
Travel costs: Limits were confirmed. Everybody who cannot stay in that scope should write to Maggie. Asking rich MOs to pay for their participants
Encourage via WG Skype Meetings persons from rich countries to ask their organisations to pay for the travel
Do people get reimbursed from where they are or where they officially live? Questions about this shall be dealt with Maggie
Visas - we need to send invitation letters asap. Steva solves it with the persons responsible.
If person will not come the whole day, its only food and accomodation that we will reimburse. Saturday, Sunday and Monday
We will first redistribute the places to the people applied on time and later on re-redistribute for others!
Participants we need the details of:
Green  Economy and Regionalism - Chema will need to update us about it
Climate change WG - Jakob will send the three most likely people's details to Ingrid/Steva)

Waterman can not host, so we have to book another office
Krassi would like to work on the WGM agenda - games and such kind of things
LGBTQ seminar Belgrade
Steva will make the yeapsy-form
Turn the green volume on
Steva will write to Oleg, who will be one of trainers
Krassi and Steva will discuss about money issues
Decision: We agree to propose 300€ for the rent of the venue-room
LGBTQ seminar tuzla
Steva and Terry need to write the pilot project!
d) past projects
e) projects and campaigns
 Youth emancipation publication: Chema should give an update on it!
 Energy campaign 
·   The campaign team is somehow dissolved, since of no funding
·   Austrian are still interested in it
·   We cannot re-use the membership agreements? Steva, Jakob and Phil will deal with it

13. Political stuff
a) press releases
Aviation emissions trading should go out by Thursday