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Minutes: EC Skype 14.01.2013

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  14-01-2013 

Time: 19:00-21.00 CET

Attending people: Krassina, Terry, Steva, Ingrid, Jakob


1. Opening of the meeting

2. Elections

  • Election of moderator: Jakob

  • Election of minutes taker: Terry

3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting

At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid

There is no quorum.

4. Approving the agenda


5. Personal Update - including political update


6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week


 8. Office:

a) update

all reports that were due were provided

report for training a little late

GGEP report for COP

GEF reports we still need to see

financial stuff is done

work permit (brussels) -> visa (belgrade)

b) accountant

c) reports

d) intern after Dragana

  • Odyssee - Micha

  • GGEP - Maggie to comunicate with office

--> will be skipped to wait for updates from Micha and Maggie

e) finances


9. Internal structure

a) EC

  • Call for everything for the GA

        --> 14 feb '13 - krassi

  • Chema's replacement: Update by office

  • candidates

three candidates from Grüne Jugend, JEV and Turkish Young Greens

--> not all the applications are complete, for the incomplete ones we will give two more days until everything has to be there (jakob will communicate this)

  • electronic vote

applications have to be sent to the mos (steva will send them from the office), we give until wednesday to send recommendation letters and then we will send the applications to the mos

eline and marc will be in the voting committee (maggie will communicate)

maggie will send a mail how the voting system works

--> steva and maggie will communicate about this

  • ballot vote

  • Micha's participation in next ECM and falafel meeting

Steva will see together with Phil exactly how much of the travel costs falafel can pay and then how much would have to be paied by the EC. Then we vote per email. 

ECM January/February:

nobody has the final overview, proposal was from 2nd to 4th February in lux, jakob would only come one the 3rd

people that COME:


Jakob (Saturday)






Is not coming:


book your flights now!!!

b) WGs 

c) MOs:

d) SPP:

  • Update on Committee work

  • election committee B: 

the most amazing committee!

  • external communication A6:

working well

  • partners& networks committee A8:

Jakob calls Phil to see 

  • political work committee A9:

working well

  • Activity committee A7:

working well

  • administration and treasury A3&4:

working well

  • structural and Membership committee A2&5:

working well


  • participants list to be givent to MEPs (10 spots from Ska and 10 from Jan, office will ask them if we can have 12 spots from each of them, Steva let's Jakob (and the others) know how it goes with the slots. Steva also checks if Shenna is communicating with the assistants. 

20th January is the deadline for applications for the SPM delegates, it could be nice to be sent and information for the travel costs approximately.

2 weeks before the visit is the deadline for giving the names

we will cover the travel costs in total but up to a certain limit, if delegates cannot make the limit they have to communicate with maggie

discussion about delegate from ecosprinter

--> external partners: jakob is sending the mail to the partners tonight, please comment on this

  • action: the Belgians want to have an action, we want to do it and give time in the programme for this, shenna will communicate to the belgians

  • programme: jakob will draft a programme until the end of the week


10. Communication

a) internal communication

  • platform

  • update email lists

b) external communication

  • Saab conference

c) web

  • update about moving web site

d) Ecosprinter

  • update about potential blog part

e) Newsletter 


11. Networking

a) CDN

  • Call for the Balkan Regional Meeting in Stenja 

many people were communicating, info to be send to the coordinators and yep people list (Krassi)

  • CDN GA

phil or krassi should go, Jakob will call phil about it krassi will talk to phil

b) GYG


c) Falafel:

network meeting: its getting better, things are working, many people from the ec involved

d) EGP

committee meeting this weekend (18 to 19 Jan), terry is going and giving fyeg update, has sent election campaign info and activity plan from the working group meeting, hope to make a good impression:)

ECM WGM: 1st till 3rd of February

first youth emancipation meeting 27th january


Meeting with Treasurer and Ex-Treasurer on 24th of January 

f) European youth forum

skipped, update by maggie next week

h) Other organization’s activities 

  • SALTO: palestine study visit

  • skipped to be discussed next week


12. Activity plan

a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)

  •  COP18 Workshop (Jakob)

  • LGBTQ seminar Tuzla (Phil/Terry) 

call for coordinating body will be sent out soon

  • Second SPM 15th - 18th of February

has been discussed under spm

  • Winter camp 02-09th of March

  • finances, situation quite difficult, programme has been created, money from GEF maybe, prepteam and office should coordinate about the finances

  • ecosprinter editorial board will have a meeting --> fyeg will pay their accomodation for one more night (should be: AFTER the wintercamp to be able to meet with the EC)

  • jonggroen will contribute

  • grüne jugend will also cover the travel costs of their pax

  • no statement proposed from the prepteam

  • acceptance letters will be sent out soon

  • Energy and Campaigning TRAINING 22nd - 29th of March 

    -> delay? yes, will be postponed because otherwise it will be too tight, steva and jakob will discuss with them of having it in june/rather not in july, other things will be checked when they are

  • General assembly

  • concept of spring conference (to be done by Micha by 12th)

--> calls need to be sent out and somebody needs to take care (krassi will do that)

  • second GA fall 2013

--> official decision that it is going to take place in Germany, terry will look for a place together with the gj people

  • Youth emancipation publication

  • Youth in Crisis conference in EP, lot's of MEPs involved, organisations moving forward

  • Date of publication: not sure, but publication mainly done, we are just waiting for two-three articles and layout

--> micha to give an update next skype conference

  • ECI water campaign

  • communication with organizers is deepening as Clarisse from the French Young Greens is living in Brussels and goes to their meetings every time

later on we might also do stuff on the ecocide campaign

  • Green Compass publication

  • How much does FYEG EC want to be involved -- not soo much

  • Appointing a member from the green economy wg --> adrien?

  • Responsible within the EC (jakob)

Spanish Summer Camp

--> JEV does not want to have more people at their summer camp, so somebody else would have to organise something, we will try to hook the spanish with the frenchies and to have something together in marseille

Ingrid will communicate with them

b) project ideas 

for the fall-hole.. discuss it in next ECM


13. Political stuff

a) press releases

ingrid will draft something about the falafel network meeting

b) ideas

c) discussions 


14. Any other business

GEF training: Terry should give a workshop on Youth Guarantee in Brussels 23rd of Feb