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The office of FYEG is located in close proximity to the European Parliament, and is shared with the European Green Party. Staff members in the office include the Secretary General, a Project Manager, an Office Manager, a Project Assistant, a Communications Officer, an Administrative Assistant and two paid interns. In addition, FYEG is supported by a webmaster on a voluntary basis.

Secretary General

Özgecan is a child of the 2013 Gezi Protests of Turkey and since then she has been working to build the Green movement nationally and internationally. From 2015 to 2017 she worked as the Climate Change Projects Coordinator in Turkey and afterwards worked as the Office Coordinator of FYEG’s sister organization Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe in Belgrade, Serbia from 2017 until she joined FYEG. She has also contributed to various newspapers and magazines and co-hosted a radio show on climate change at a national radio station in Turkey. 

She is a fierce feminist and proud Eastern European. She believes in the solidarity of activism.

Office Manager

Caroline has been active on green issues and projects since 2009 but made first real contact with the Green movement through her position in FYEG. In parallel, she is pursuing a Master in Environmental sciences and management in Brussels and occasionally giving workshops on Climate Change and low-carbon transition to highschool students.

Project Manager
Cerri Gambarelli

Cristiana studied Economics and Management in the mountains of South Tyrol (Italy) and quickly opened her eyes to the destructiveness of greedy capitalism. She joined the green family as Team Leader during the digital volunteer campaign held by EGP for the European elections of 2019. She soon after found her radical happy place in FYEG and jumped head in into one year of full-time activism, where she later sat in the Editorial Board for the Ecosprinter. In her free time, she digs for inspiring artivistic projects, experiments with visuals for educational Instagram stories, and daydreams about the calmness of patrolling nights on the beach during her sea-turtle conservation work. Her goal is to spread methods of non-formal education and see the Green Wave unroll in Southern and Eastern Europe.

Project Assistant
González Sentís

Cinta joined the Catalan Young Greens (JEV) in Tarragona back in 2011, a few weeks before the birth of the 15M movement, in which she also participated. After some years, she left her hometown, moved to Barcelona to study, and joined a student union (AEP) and a labour union (CCOO) in order to defend her rights as a student and as a worker. She was cospokesperson of the local group of JEV in Barcelona, and was one of the founders of the youth wing of Barcelona en Comú. She is a member of the board of the Friends of the International Brigades in Catalunya. Cinta likes her coffe without milk and sugar and she loves reading poetry.

Project Intern

Milan is an Anthropologist with a Masters degree in Environmental policy. He has been involved with the Serbian Green Youth since 2017 and got introduced to FYEG by being a prep team member for Summer camp on Social rights. Since then he calls greens his family. Topics that he has been engaged with are social rights, with a strong focus on affordable housing, public health, river protection and water resources management and democracy and public participation. In his free time he likes to try and grow various seeds he finds in parks, hike and stare into natural scenery.

Communications Intern

Christina is the fourth person with a Chris-related name to join the office, which causes a lot of confusion. She started becoming active in FYEG in 2017. Most recently, she was part of the team that re-drafted FYEG’s Political Platform. Before joining FYEG as a communications intern, she studied European and International Politics in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. In her free time, she tries to learn Mandarin Chinese (without much success) and is a member of the Ecosprinter’s Editorial Board. 

Communications Officer

Chris joined us as a seasoned Green, previously working with the Scottish Young Greens and the Green European Foundation. He studied software engineering at the University of Glasgow,  but after acknowledging the severity of the climate emergency he stepped away from programming and towards climate activism. His goal is to help young greens from across Europe find their voice and to put a spotlight on workers’ rights in 2021.  When not working, you can spot Chris skateboarding around Brussels.


Christoph has been with FYEG since 2012. His main responsibilities are keeping the website up-to-date, managing the over 100 mailing lists and helping the office as well as the EC with IT-related problems. You can also contact him regarding concerns over security and privacy. A student of Economics and International Relations, Christoph is interested many Green issues—especially those of inequality. You can send him encrypted emails using his PGP key.


Administrative Assistant

Julie’s interest in the protection of the environment is mostly personal. She graduated in 2013 as a Management Assistant, she did her first internship in the NGO world the same year. After that, she began working in a big company and knew that this was not made for her. In 2017, after having followed a training in Home Organising, she felt concerned by the “Zero Waste” philosophy. She developed her interest for ecology in general mainly through books and conferences. Since then, she tries to live as a minimalist and always cares about her ecological footprint, trying to reduce it as much as possible.

By joining FYEG, she now feels to have a professional life in accordance with her beliefs and values as well.