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Democracy & Inclusion

In the last years, the world has seen a rise in authoritarian leadership. However, in Europe too, we've seen a rise in oppressive leadership. Not just in Poland in Hungary, but across Europe, democracy and the rule of law is being exploited by governments, freedom of media undermined, and democratic procedures being interrupted by those abusing their position of power.

Governments are endangering citizens who want to voice their frustrations at injustice by blocking citizen’s right to demonstrate through threat of force against theirs and their loved ones’ safety. Too often, the right to protest is squashed by the state through police brutality and unjust detention. This forces many protesters into dangerous and vulnerable situations, even losing their lives at the hands of the State.

These issues especially reflect on marginalised groups whose freedom of expression is often blocked by oppressing governments. 

Recognising the violence inflicted on women*, trans people, genderqueer, BIPoC and racialised communities, migrants, people from low socioeconomic backgrounds, and LGBTQIA+ people and believing that diversity is substantial for healthy democracies and thriving communities we would like to empower young greens to further explore these issues and opportunities. 

Currently in Europe’s political institutions all of these groups are overwhelmingly underrepresented and the system oftentimes exclude people from participating in the decision making even in the cases when said decisions affect them the most.


If we want a democracy that works for all we need to ensure the participation of the people in decision making. In an attempt to do so, Europe’s institutions are working on Conference on the Future of Europe which is a real opportunity to initiate a conversation with citizens and to explore innovative consultation methods. At the same time, these volatile times may lead to Conference on the Future of Europe being only a charade with no real follow-up. Now is the crucial time for young Greens to unite their voices and demand for more just and inclusive democratic processes!